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One King. One Kingdom. One Force of Men.


Band of Brothers Network originated at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska more than 15 years ago and is still based there. It is now a regional network ministry to men in the Midwest region of the country and beyond.

We are a community that is committed to challenge and raise up men to be warriors and disciplers for Christ … for their families…as single men… in the workplace and in their “community” with others in this world.

Men need other men to stand strong and lead courageously, reject passivity and be physically, mentally and spiritually trained to engage this world with the power of Jesus Christ. God wants DANGEROUS men. Those are Biblical values. Those are our values.

We envision a revival of men and their families in the Midwest, connected to the noble calling that God has for their lives and for others around them. With God’s direction, we seek to empower a proliferation of bands and platoons of men from across many states, all seeking to follow Jesus Christ… no matter the cost. We are seeing this happen, as the Holy Spirit is raising up men to create networks in cities and towns all across the Midwest.

One of our primary purposes is to mentor, engage and empower other men and churches to experience what God can do when the men of a community step into an intentional and incarnational mission to bring more men and their families to know, love and follow Jesus – that His Kingdom will be advanced.

There are Band of Brothers Network gathering points all across the Midwest…. and the number of locales keeps growing!

From Omaha, Council Bluffs and Des Moines, from  Houston, Rochester and Kansas City,  from Norfolk to Wausau and as far away as Anchorage and Phoenix, men are living life all out for God. Check out the locales below. If you are interested in hearing more and how your locale can connect with the Network, send us a message at the Contact Page.

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Peak Challenge 2019 – 14 – Fight the Elements

The 14th annual Peak Challenge in Colorado will take place on July 25-29, 2019. Registration will open soon and all the information can be found here Peak Challenge website





Band of Brothers Network is successful, through God’s grace, because of a framework that involves four foundational pillars: Excursions (shared outdoor experiences) – Base Camps (gathering/sharpening experiences in larger groups) – Fireteams( discipleship experience in one-on-one, triad or small groups) – ACTS (the DNA and experiences of serving single moms, shut ins and widows)

 This is the rhythm of life for Band of Brothers Network. At the center of it all is Jesus. Whether it be as a father, husband, brother, son, single man or married, at the center of it all is Jesus. Authentic and deep relationships, meaningful accountability and passionate living for the Kingdom result.

Contact us for more information about each foundational piece.


bb excursions

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As men, we have no greater worth and no greater calling than to boldly follow Jesus.

That is done in the context of marriage and in being single men.

It is done in the context of raising children and grandchildren.

It is done in the context of our relationships with people in our work, neighborhood and community circles of influence.

It is a individual calling that God places in our lives and it is a collective calling that He gives to us as men in the Body of Christ.

Men need a bigger vision than themselves. Churches are stronger, healthier and ready to advance the Kingdom when its men are locked in.

What is God’s vision for the men of your church? Do you have one?

We invite you to connect with the Band of Brothers Network and join a collective vision to disciple men and young men who will leave legacies for generations to come. Whether you are an existing ministry to men or whether you believe God is calling you to rally your men for the first time ever, contact us.


“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

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